For the Love of Fall

My buddy @samuelelkins was in Utah and hit me up to shoot. So why wouldn’t I? Sam’s a great photographer, I enjoy good company, and because let’s face it…Utah is beautiful. Sam and I both love exploring and being outdoors so we decided to head up to the Alpine Loop for a little fall color. We … More For the Love of Fall

Just loungin’

Hey guys! Last week I flew out to Houston for work and took advantage of one of the biggest perks of my American Express Platinum card. Dallas and Houston house 2 of 7 nationwide Centurion lounges offering free manicures, massages, food, drinks and a million other things that make traveling that much more enjoyable. While Centurion doesn’t quite … More Just loungin’

Chokers & band tees

Photographer @trungywin and I shoot pretty regularly when I’m in Utah. Over the last year and a half we’ve gotten to become great photo shoot pals. We always go on unique adventures and our shoots are generally planned last minute. This past week we got together and roamed the streets of Salt Lake City. Naturally we visited … More Chokers & band tees