The Evergreen State

Last week my hubby, our dog Mishka, and I took a road trip from Utah to Washington state. We spent a day in Seattle visiting a friend and exploring the city.

We roamed the streets of downtown Seattle, hitting up local farmers markets and other attractions, grabbed some yummy food, and walked the grounds of a beautiful Japanese garden. Luckily we didn’t get rained on! Seattle definitely didn’t disappoint. Along the way, we also explored a cool waterfall, the San Juan Islands, and we stopped to see tons of beautiful scenery. I’m officially in love with the state and can’t wait to go back to the Pacific Northwest again soon! Check out the gallery below to see some of the places we stopped!




2 thoughts on “The Evergreen State

  1. At a book fair last summer, two of my favorite finds were these cookbooks from the San Juan islands, or like all recipes popular there with mostly locally found ingredients in them, a lot of fresh, tasty combinations, that’d be a great area to visit. I know what you mean about the rain though, it’d be hard to handle a lot of cloudy/rainy days over a long period of time.


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