Chokers & band tees

Photographer @trungywin and I shoot pretty regularly when I’m in Utah. Over the last year and a half we’ve gotten to become great photo shoot pals. We always go on unique adventures and our shoots are generally planned last minute.

This past week we got together and roamed the streets of Salt Lake City. Naturally we visited a 7-Eleven since it was National Slurpee Day and I LOVE slurpees! Afterwards, we kicked off our shoot at a local rustic Library, and then made our way down to a random little record store in a back alley. Whenever we get together, we always “location-hop”, wandering around while chatting about food, travel, photography, and upcoming events we’re excited about. Trung found this random staircase that led up to a hipster-esque building so we decided to check it out. Oddly enough, it was actually somebody’s house…

Awk. Fortunately, the guy living there was super chill and didn’t care at all – he was just curious what we were up to.

Our last shots were taken at a pool where we just dipped our feet and drank Coke while the sun started setting. Photo shoots are generally full of adventures and they make life pretty entertaining. Take a look below at the results of our shoot as well as some BTS photos!

*The Who tee @forever21*

*Bag @lulu_guinness*


Thanks for visiting, ttys!


One thought on “Chokers & band tees

  1. The guy “didn’t care at all”, well that’s the understatement of the year, if you knocked on my door, it’d be like the best day of the year, haha. You look incredible Marina!


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