Just loungin’

Hey guys! Last week I flew out to Houston for work and took advantage of one of the biggest perks of my American Express Platinum card. Dallas and Houston house 2 of 7 nationwide Centurion lounges offering free manicures, massages, food, drinks and a million other things that make traveling that much more enjoyable. While Centurion doesn’t quite compare to First Class lounges, I’d say it’s definitely up there.

I was pretty impressed with both but spent more time in the Houston lounge. From open bars with renowned mixologists to world-class chefs, showers and private napping areas, the Centurion lounges were well equipped with just about everything I could have asked for to feel comfortable and satisfied. With hospitable employees who made sure I was well taken care of and high-speed wifi, I would highly recommend checking out the Centurion lounge at IAH.

The only downside to the Houston lounge is that it’s a little tough to find and closes at 9pm. The entrance is also somewhat hidden – there’s an elevator  located down a hallway next to a duty free shop near gate D6.

I highly recommend checking out these lounges or other Centurion lounges if you can. If you’re not an American Express Platinum cardholder but are an AMEX card member, it costs $50 to get in, but if you’re in for a long layover, it’s totally worth it!

Check out some of the photos I snapped from the Houston Centurion lounge:

Enjoying some sparkling Rosé at the bar
View of the dining room and bar
The salad bar
Dinner is served buffet style
Quinoa with dried fruit and spiced pumpkin seeds, mixed salad, and braised chicken thighs in Harissa with dried fruit, nuts, and avocado crema
Sitting at the bar. How cool is that artwork behind me?
Huge showers
Clean and modern bathrooms
Beds to nap on
Private sitting areas with coffee and cookies available
Lounging spaces with TVs and outlets


A few photos of the Dallas lounge:

The living room area
The bar and dining room
View from outside and located on the upper level


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5 thoughts on “Just loungin’

  1. (I’m not the person above me) This lounge looks decent and I would be glad too visit it if I ever stop by IAH long enough to navigate the maze to find it.


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