Welcome to the Big Apple

Two weeks ago already (where does the time go?!) I went to NYC for a little bit of work and play. The best part is I got to spend a couple days being a legit tourist with my mom, sister, and best friend. This was only the second time I’d been to New York, and they’d never been! So naturally we had to jam pack in as many tourist attractions we could in three days.NYC56.jpg

My trip in Manhattan started out how every good trip should — at Starbucks, where I met up with my sister and mom.

As I was waiting in line, a nice man named Charles paid for my coffee because he said I reminded him of his daughter. How sweet, right?!

After catching up with the fam, we took off to Central Park. Despite the heatwave, walking around Central Park was a blast! We saw some awesome street performers and pretty ponds — it was even better than the movies!

15 NYCsWe stopped for lunch at this yummy Mexican place called Dos Toros Taqueria on Lexington. The staff were super friendly and the yummy chicken quesadilla I ordered was enormous. Dos Toros reminded me of a more authentic version of Chipotle. The downside to a lot of the restaurants in the area is everything is crammed so closely together, there’s nowhere to sit! New York city in a nutshell.

In the evening we met up with my best friend to check out Times Square. If you’re going to go to NYC you HAVE to go to Times Square! It’s packed with people and there is always something interesting to see. It really gets you into that Empire State of mind. The wax museums, comedy shows, restaurants, costumed people, lights and billboards make for great entertainment and photos.

The next day we visited the National September 11 Memorial on Greenwich Street. Crazy to think it’s already been 15 years. Some of you guys probably weren’t even old enough to remember it but if you’re like me, you still remember where you were and what you were doing when it happened. It’s wild to think that the younger generation will learn about 9/11 through textbooks.

We rode the Staten Island ferry that allowed us to see the Statue of Liberty without having to pay the fee of the Liberty Island ferry. It was pretty packed but that may have been because we went on a Saturday. The ferry runs in the New York Harbor between Manhattan and Staten Island. I would recommend taking the trip because you get to see some gorgeous views.

57 NYC

To end the day, we tried some local Thai cuisine at a restaurant called Up Thai in the Upper East side. We ordered red and green curries and I have to say that it may have been the best curry I’ve ever had. I’m a big foodie, and the the ambience really makes or breaks restaurants for me. With hanging lanterns, trees that climbed the walls and wooden tables, the atmosphere couldn’t have been any better. I highly recommend checking this place out if you’re a lover of Thai food!

I don’t think NYC wanted me to leave because a massive thunderstorm rolled in as I was sitting on the airplane to go back to LA. As we were getting ready to take off, the pilot announced that the storm was going to delay our departure. I got a pretty cool shot of it below! It took about an hour for the storm to finally blow over so I passed the time by watching the new Jungle Book movie.

Those were some of the highlights of my New York City trip. I had such a blast and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again soon!






3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Big Apple

  1. It always looks so festive and fun and romantic there on New Year’s Eve every year, it’d be wonderful to eat at Dos Toros and then usher in the coming year.


  2. Marina,
    My wife and I are going to NYC for the first time in Oct…can’t wait, going to be so fun! Thank you for your blog & info – we will use the info to make our stay more fun! We are staying real close to Times Square – do you think we can walk to just about anything cool from there?


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