My 2016 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

It’s scary to think that we’re already rounding the bend where Summer meets Autumn. Driving through the canyons in Utah, the leaves are already changing!

I guess that means it’s time for me to start pulling out my sweaters and boots and start browsing for some new items at the mall.

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Weekend vibes 🌲

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Wandering from store to store…I notice a lot of common trends and styles in the stores when it comes to this year’s Fall fashion.

H&M is slowly bringing out their new merchandise and I’m seeing khaki green everywhere and the occasional pop of orange. Bomber jackets, bulky scarves, stripes, and plaid are found all around. Graphic tops, bodysuits, and lace-up shirts are still finding their way into the upcoming season’s fashion.

Forever 21 is just setting up their new displays for Fall. Around the store, I see army print and army-style jackets, beanies, mustard yellow, knit sweaters and brown and black booties. Along with H&M, they also had a bunch of bomber jackets, tons of khaki green, and plaid button-ups.

These are some of my favorite looks from Forever 21 that I’ll be getting inspiration from this Fall:

I’m going to purchase some new styles but still include pieces that I already have at home. Fashion is about creating your own style – a look that expresses who you are and what you’re comfortable in. If everybody wore the exact same outfit, what fun would that be? Don’t be afraid to throw your own spin on things. Funny thing is, the people who aren’t afraid to try new things are the ones that are often noticed and start new trends.

With New York Fashion Week coming to an end, I noticed that many of the shows included velvet, schoolgirl jumpers, fur, silver and hoodies. So just because the big retailers aren’t featuring the items you’re sporting doesn’t mean it’s not cool.

I have a pretty simple style. I love finding affordable, comfy pieces that I can wear day-to-day. I’m really into layering jewelry so you’ll definitely see me wearing two or three necklaces at a time. I’m also a huge fan of jean jackets and leather jackets so you’ll see me in them pretty often. Ripped jeans and Adidas are also my must-haves. 

Have fun, don’t stress, be you.

Happy shopping!




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