Another Quick Trip to LA

I visited LA twice a couple weeks ago. The whole back and forth between Utah and LA has been kinda exhausting but because I love my job, it’s not so bad.

I got to work with Forever 21 on my second trip out to LA which was pretty exciting. I also spent the night at the Concourse at LAX, a Hyatt property right off the airport which was cute. The room was really modern and classy, which made for a comfortable stay. If you’re looking for a hotel near the airport and want to check this place out, here are a few pictures of the room.

Early mornings aren’t my favorite. But on this particular morning, I was excited to wake up at 5am to get to work. I was admittedly a little anxious because modeling for Forever 21 had been one of my dreams for a long time, and it was finally coming true! Here are a few pics from the shoot:

When I got the call confirming that I had booked this job, I was so ecstatic I might have screamed a little bit. And the day of the shoot went exactly as I hoped it would. I got to shoot in studio with them and even got featured on their Instagram page! The team I worked with was amazing and everybody I met was so sweet. It definitely feels good to accomplish your dreams. Look out for me on!

Originally I was supposed to catch a flight almost immediately after my shoot, but my flight got delayed three times! So while I waited,  I checked in to the Alaska Airlines Board Room lounge to relax and get something to eat. The lounge is located in terminal 6 on the mezzanine level near gate 65B. Finding it was pretty straight forward, but like many lounges, it’s a little secluded. I included a few pictures of the surrounding area in case you need help finding it. They’re open from 5am-midnight so it’s almost always available to visit.

This lounge has quite a bit of seating, a decently large bar area with a great view to the outdoors, a children’s area, and clean washroom facilities. During my visit, they were serving chili and chips, salad, pretzels, fruit and cookies. They also have a soda fountain which I loved. There’s something about getting whatever drink you want, when you want – rather than having to bother the servers all the time – that’s really appealing. Plus, I much prefer drinks from the fountain than out of a can.

Overall it was a nice lounge but of course lacked some of the finer amenities like a dining menu, buffet, showers, massage rooms, etc but it does the trick if you need to burn a couple hours. Plus with Priority Pass, free is free! Can’t complain about that.

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