For the Love of Fall

My buddy @samuelelkins was in Utah and hit me up to shoot. So why wouldn’t I? Sam’s a great photographer, I enjoy good company, and because let’s face it…Utah is beautiful. Sam and I both love exploring and being outdoors so we decided to head up to the Alpine Loop for a little fall color. We took photos, made videos, wandered around, and had some good laughs. Here are some of the photos we took:

I’ve made a little bts video of our shoot! I always enjoy bringing my camera along and getting some footage because it’s fun to look back and remember all the awesome times I’ve had with some great people.

Thanks for following along on my journeys!





4 thoughts on “For the Love of Fall

  1. I love this time of year, Utah looks great, love the yellow Aspens and mountains, and you
    “And as Im looking at the colour of the leaves, in your hand
    As were listening to Chet Baker on the beach, in the sand
    When the leaves come falling down,”


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