A Little About Me

My name’s Marina. If you’re here from Instagram, you probably know me as Marooshk. I guess you could call me a model, blogger, content creator, dare I say “Influencer” (if we’re being honest, I can’t stand that word). Maybe we just go with “social sharer”. Because the reality is, I love capturing experiences and moments on both sides of the lens and I love sharing them with you.

As a little girl, I always dreamed of seeing the world. Believe it or not, I never stepped foot on a plane til I was 19. Years later, I’ve flown across the world more times than I can count and found myself living in the City of Angels. But it didn’t start here.

I grew up in a small community in Canada and started modeling when I was 16, though I had no intention for it to become a career. I continued modeling to put myself through college, and moved to the states after marrying my husband, Kevin. He’s the one behind the scenes helping create content for my blog and Instagram. You may even see him or our silly dog Mishka in a photo from time to time. 

As I continued blending modeling with content creation, it all culminated into my own lifestyle brand. I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to travel the globe working with some of my favorite brands, and with people who enable the possibility to build a career out of my passions.